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20/20 Consortium

The 20/20 Consortium was formed in September of 2019 with the sole objective of undertaking sustainable agricultural investments in Sierra Leone that strengthen agricultural value chains and support smallholder farmers in rural communities. The consortium brings together three local Sierra Leonean-owned companies that have actively been involved in the agricultural sector in Sierra Leone over the last ten years. These include: 1) SOBBA Initiative, 2) 102 Agro Ventures and 3) EPRDS Consulting.

The Consortium is currently engaged in its inaugural project, “The Banekeh Rice Venture”. This venture involves the cultivation of improved rice varieties on 120 hectares of boli-land in Banekeh village, Madina, Kambia district. The venture is designed to help cushion the potential food shortages expected in Sierra Leone as a result of the COVID -19 disruption of the global food chain. This initiative will set up rice processing facilities in the Baneke village to support processing, branding and marketing of rice harvested from the Consortium farms and to support rice processing activities of farmers in the vicinity.

The 20/20 Consortium also works with six women’s groups and two youth groups around the Baneke village to serve as out growers. Through this out grower scheme, inputs are provided to these farmer groups and support provided to process their harvests. In addition, 20/20 Consortium provides training and interest free and season long micro credit support to these farmer groups to support off-farm economic activities. Farmers are also organized to operate SILC ROSCA schemes to further enhance cohesion and financial empowerment. In the 2021 planting season (Post COVID-19), 20/20 Consortium aims to triple its operations with 500 Ha planned and for direct rice cultivation and 500 Ha planned for out-grower operations. Below are brief profiles of the three consortium members:

Economic Policy Research Development and Statistics (EPRDS)- Consulting: EPRDS Consulting is a registered Limited Liability Company that has been in operation for over ten years in Sierra Leone. It has expertise in the field of agriculture ranging from applied research (in a plethora of area) to Small-Medium Enterprise investments in Agriculture.

102 Agro-Ventures : 102 Agro-Ventures is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) that has actively been undertaking agricultural investment in Sierra Leone since 2013. The company’s principal objective is to build a sustainable enterprise that supports agricultural value chains in Sierra Leone by introducing innovative technologies that enhance value chain efficiency, reducing transaction costs, increasing margins for smallholder farmers and the company’s investors. 102 Agro-Ventures promotes the use of machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, power tillers etc) and technology platforms like drones, GPS technologies, market information systems, meteorological data systems in making farming decisions. (Visit Website>> 102 Agro-Ventures).

SOBBA Initiative: SOBBA Initiative is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) that has actively been investment in Sierra Leone since 2012. It is a social enterprise privately owned company that specializes in supporting two segments of agricultural value chains: Inputs and Value Addition (processing, branding, and marketing). Its primary goal is to solve critical problems in the agricultural value chains in Sierra Leone (Mainly inputs and effecting market products) with the aim of increasing productivity for smallholder farmers, increasing their margins while also making healthy margins for its investors. The company specialty is in Seed Multiplication and introducing enhanced seed varieties and planting techniques to farmers. The company has regional offices in Western Area Rural, Port Loko and Bombali Districts in Sierra Leone. (Visit Website >>: SOBBA Initiative).

Call for Partnership: 20/20 Consortium seeks forming partnerships with other Agribusinesses, Non- Governmental Organizations and Investors that share the same vision

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